Stratus is proud of the service it provides to its clients. But that isn't the only reason why our employees, clients, partners and sub-contractors stick with us. There are three primary elements that make Stratus different than others.

1. Company Culture & Employees

2. Personalized Approach

3. Health & Safety

Company Culture & Employees

What makes Stratus unique is our ability to retain our “small company” personalized approach to client service and support, while offering a full range of capabilities and technical expertise. Our ability to maintain this culture can only be attributed to our employees. It is because of their personal integrity and commitment, coupled with their talent and experience that has led to our accomplishments and overall success. Our employees are more than just company resources; they represent the backbone and strength of our company, as well as the future of Stratus.

Personalized Approach

Our personal approach to client service is unmatched by other consulting companies. Stratus recognizes that environmental problems are not alleviated by technology alone. The total solution must account for all aspects of the client’s concerns and expectations, including operational issues of the business, financial concerns, job safety, cost reimbursement eligibility, and third-party liability. For these reasons, Stratus managers work closely with each client to understand and accommodate their operation, and to develop an approach that best meets their business objective. We recognize the importance of maintaining open communication with the various regulatory agencies as we move through the lifecycle of the project. We’re confident that our experience, our staff’s dedication, and our commitment will result in a partnership that meets all of our client’s current and future environmental needs.

Health & Safety

Holistic health and safety is of prime importance to Stratus. This is strictly enforced across the board and is something Stratus does not take lightly.  In this case our actions speak louder than words.


Stratus’ dedication to safety is evident in many ways, but our achievements speak loudest. With millions of man-hours worked to date, we have maintained a 0.0 OSHA TRIR, and have had no lost time cases recorded since our inception in 1999.