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Inyo County Landfills
Inyo Landfill 1.jpg

Inyo County

  • Monitoring & Sampling of Six Landfills

  • Gas Vent Monitoring

  • Gas Probe Monitoring

  • Groundwater Well Monitoring

  • Structure Monitoring

  • Preparation/Certification of Semi-Annual and Annual Groundwater Monitoring Reports

Inyo County Landfills, Inyo County, California

Stratus personnel were responsible for the monitoring and reporting of six landfills (Bishop, Lone Pine, Independence, Keeler, Shoshone, and Tecopa landfills)  located in the 10,000-square mile area of Inyo County, in accordance with Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) Waste Discharge Requirements and RWQCB-issued Monitoring and Reporting Plans. Stratus personnel were responsible for the monitoring and sampling to support the production of quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports for a total of 30 groundwater monitoring wells throughout the six landfills, plus three water tanks filled by active production groundwater wells. Site specific monitoring included: landfill gas monitoring of ten landfill soil gas probes, some of which are dual completion; four landfill passive gas vents; and three landfill soil vapor extraction wells for methane and oxygen levels. 

In addition to monitoring wells, tanks, and gas, Stratus personnel conducted onsite and offsite monitoring of structures for the presence of methane and oxygen levels in compliance with state regulations under the authority of the California Integrated Waste Management Board and Inyo County Environmental Health, the local enforcement agency. Reports provided a statistical evaluation of inorganic groundwater quality results to monitor for indications of potential releases at one of the landfills. The reports also documented incoming waste that is monitored and recorded to show the distribution of the types of waste (e.g., solid waste, asbestos, liquid waste), as well as the amount of waste diverted from the landfill for recycling purposes. Annually, the reports summarized that financial assurance had been provided for closure, post-closure, and for potential releases for each landfill. 

Stratus personnel were also responsible for agency and client communication, maintaining the project schedule, invoicing, subcontractor oversight, and ensuring quality assurance/quality control. 

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