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City of Jackson
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City of Jackson

  • Environmental Due Diligence Review

  • Site Visits

  • Environmental Testing

Oro de Amador, Jackson, California

The 159-acre property was purchased by the City of Jackson in December 2006 from Oro de Amador, Inc. A series of four 90-foot diameter wheels were constructed in 1914, to transfer mine tailings approximately one-quarter mile from the Kennedy Mine site to the Property. A 600-foot long by 60-foot high multi-arch concrete dam was built to impound the tailings. By developing the Property, the City can offer the community, an all-inclusive recreation and historic park with reflections of California mining. 

Stratus personnel assisted the City with the environmental due diligence review. The process began with a review of the several thousand documents provided by Oro de Amador, Inc. including previous site analysis and reports related to the Property. Information contained within these documents ranged from easement information to detailed hazardous materials testing performed by engineering firms in previous years. Stratus personnel made several site visits and performed additional environmental testing on the Property for comparison with data previously collected. The general conclusion of this observation and testing is that site conditions have remained fairly constant. The testing and evaluation addressed potential concerns regarding groundwater, one of the critical areas of the due diligence review. Results from this testing indicated that arsenic is present but below the regulated levels, and there was no detection of cyanide or mercury in the groundwater. In July 2007, Stratus personnel prepared an industrial Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the property pursuant to guidelines set forth in the California State Water Resources Control Board Water Quality Order No. 97-03-DWQ (Industrial Storm Water General Permit).

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