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Department of General Services
Desabla Market Old-Good.jpg

Department of General Services

  • Conduct a reconnaissance for Water Supply Wells

  • Advance Soil Borings

  • Conduct a Soil Vapor Study

  • Destruction of a Hand Dug Water Well

  • EAR Site

Former DeSabla Market, Magalia, California

Stratus was awarded a contract from the State of California, Department of General Services, Real Estate Division, to perform environmental services at the former DeSabla Market, which was being funded by the state's Emergency, Abandoned, and Recalcitrant (EAR) account.

An investigation was necessary at the site due to a release of motor vehicle fuel from underground storage tanks (USTs). The site was abandoned by the property owner after a fire destroyed the structures at the facility.

The property is located in a remote area, and required extra planning to implement all work activities, which included assessment of shallow soil and soil vapor.  Groundwater assessment was not required, as the State of California determined that shallow groundwater was not a resource in the area, and the many water wells located in the area were over 300 feet deep and deemed not likely to be threatened by the release.

Our services included: conducting a reconnaissance for water supply wells in the area, advancing soil borings, conducting a soil vapor survey, and destroying a hand dug water well. 

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