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Alisal Union School District

Alisal Union School District

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Rider Street Properties, Salinas, California

Stratus personnel prepared a Phase I ESA for the Alisal Union School District (District) for the properties located at 1290 and 1296 Rider Avenue (Property), in Salinas, California. The Property included two residential structures, three outbuildings and grassed areas. The surrounding developments consisted of primarily residential use with one school located adjacent to the Property on the east. 


The Phase I ESA was performed in accordance with the ASTM International Designation: E 1527-13, Standard Practice for Environmental Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process.  However, considering the District plans to use the Property following acquisition for school site purposes, Section 17213.1 of the California Education Code was applicable to the assessment, and additional non-scope considerations were evaluated.  At the request of the Client, the following non-scope considerations were included in the assessment of the Property: Asbestos-containing building materials; Lead-based paint; and Naturally occurring, toxic or hazardous substances in the subsurface soils, rocks, and water (Naturally Occurring Asbestos).


Although no historical or current recognized environmental conditions associated with the Property were identified during the assessment, potential environmental conditions such as asbestos and lead-based paint were considered.

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