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Cameron Park Community Services District

Cameron Park Community Services District

  • Environmental Sampling

  • Technical Reporting

Cameron Park Lake, Cameron Park, California

Stratus provides environmental engineering services to the Cameron Park Community Services District (CSD) at their Cameron Park Lake facility.  Stratus personnel have assisted the CSD at the facility for the past 16 years providing environmental and technical regulatory compliance services.  The approximately 33-acre lake is operated as a recreational facility offering fishing, hiking, picnicking, wildlife observation, swimming (swimming lagoon), boating, and as a special events venue.  Aquatic maintenance at the lake is regulated by the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Water Quality Order No. 2013-0002-DWQ (Order) for annual application of an herbicide to control seasonal weed growth. In accordance with the Order, Stratus has developed an Aquatic Pesticide Application Plan (APAP) for the CSD that provides guidance for herbicide application and for monitoring before and after the application event (including laboratory analyses of lake samples), to assure downstream effects of the application are eliminated/minimized.  Stratus also conducts the monitoring and reporting prescribed in the APAP for the CSD.


Operation of the lake is also regulated by two water rights permits from the California State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) that require annual reporting of water diversion and use.  Stratus has assisted the CSD in designing a gauging system for the lake to facilitate measurement of seasonal water diversion.  Water diversion amounts are required to be reported annually to the Water Board using their online Electronic Water Rights Management System - Report Management System, and Stratus compiles the gauging data collected by CSD staff, performs engineering calculations using the gauging data to determine water diversion amounts, and completes and submits the reports for the CSD.

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