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El Dorado Irrigation District

El Dorado Irrigation Distirct

  • Site Assessment

  • Site Investigation

  • Remediation

  • Asbestos Abatement Oversight

Silver Lake Waste Disposal Site, Silver Lake, California

Over 100 years of commercial and recreational site use at this 20-acre former resort, store, restaurant, and gasoline fueling station resulted in an accumulation of contaminants and materials of concern from fuel leaks, and from the dumping and burial of solid wastes. Impacts to soil from diesel, hydraulic oil, motor oil, and metals (lead) were evaluated at the fueling areas and waste disposal site. Stratus personnel conducted environmental investigations, and remediation services to allow for successful re-development of the site as a parking area supporting the District’s public boat ramp facility at the lake. 

Stratus personnel’s creative health and human risk assessment resulted in approval for the District to leave metals impacted soil in place helping to save the client approximately $20,000 in unnecessary remediation/disposal fees. Stratus personnel also oversaw and coordinated an asbestos containing building materials survey, and asbestos abatement work.  

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