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El Dorado Irrigation District
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El Dorado Irrigation Distirct

  • Well/Piezometer Installation

  • Groundwater Monitoring, Sampling, and Reporting

Camino Heights Wastewater Treatment Facility, Camino, California

The Camino Heights WWTF (owned and operated by the District) is located approximately four miles east of Placerville in El Dorado County and services a residential area on the south side of U.S. Highway 50. It receives only domestic wastewater from the Camino Heights community. Average flow ranges between 15,000 and 30,000 gallons per day. Evaporation/percolation ponds, a spray field, and a drip irrigation system are the primary means of effluent disposal.

Stratus personnel replaced two of the five existing groundwater monitoring wells and installed four site piezometers.  We currently conduct semi-annual groundwater monitoring of the District’s wells and prepare and submit Annual Groundwater Quality Evaluation Reports addressing whether the Camino Heights WWTF operations have caused or are likely to cause violations of Groundwater Limitations listed in the site’s WDRs.  In addition, Stratus completed a Background Groundwater Quality Study and Degradation Assessment Report for the District in accordance with CCR Title 27 to compare groundwater potentially impacted from the WWTF operations to background groundwater quality.

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